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This Is Hyper

Hyper is a digital design and development agency based out of New Delhi, India. We build your presence for the digital economy. We have a digitally led approach to building brands, creating and driving E-Commerce sales, to building enterprise software solutions and strategically positioning your business.

Our focus has always been on using higher-quality design and development techniques to make great design accessible to all people at reasonable prices. But our vision has evolved. While using the best of design remains the foundation of our mission, we believe that "design is not enough, anymore." Now we want to create custom user experiences for all types of business focusing on enterprise technology solutions that are cost effective and that focus on one single thing. Growth. Mission Statement


At hyper we cater to all kinds of E-commerce clients. The stay-at-home mom who makes money selling her art to managing the India division of a global greeting card company. We understand how hard it is to run everything, manage social media accounts, follow up on customer queries, manage inventory and handle logistics. That is why our dedicated support teams run everything for you, so all you need to concentrate on is building that great next product.

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Web Design

Our designs look great on any screen, be it your brand new iPhone or your desktop PC. All our websites are built keeping the latest algorithms and updates in check.
Our team of designers have a keen eye for detail and precision and make sure every thing is just right down to the last detail.

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SEO can be a powerful tool for maximizing your digital marketing efforts. SEO is used for getting better results on search engines, which improves your visibility online. This will help you broaden your reach and draw in visitors and potential customers.
Features:- Keyword research, on-page optimization, strategic link building opportunities, analysis of organization, competitive landscape and many more...

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Social Media Management

Our social media team engages communities by delivering insight-driven content in an irresistible voice. Through methodical measurement and iteration, they turn audiences into advocates.
We create fresh and unique content for all your social media feeds. Clients use our tools for customer service, event invitations and others.

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Customer Care

We take care of all your customers needs, from picking up the phones to replacing an order online, we've got you covered. Our representatives can manage all tasks from shipping to placing orders.

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Enterprise Solutions

Our focus is on how technology can help grow your business and act better in the real world. We develop everything from scratch, and in unison. Be it inventory management software for our Ecommerce clients or a social network for children. When creating a device for the real-world, we design something that fits and acts appropriately to that space. Technology doesn’t need to stand out and look like technology. It can blend in and hide the complexity behind great design.

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The Creation Process

What are you attempting to create?What would you like it to look like? How might you be able to accomplish that? What’s stopping you from doing it right now? By taking these ideas, and breaking them down into their physical components, we create a basis for action. The technology we create puts things in motion, this helps us to grow your business, increase awareness and show you an ROI. We understand that creation happens on all kinds of levels. To physically improve your business processes, we can create software, online stores and marketing campaigns of all kinds.

Hyper worked with us on designing and marketing our beta version. The all around approach and unified thinking really helped us quickly gain traction post launch.-Bobby Bhatia | Founder TrakInvest

Goals & Evaluation

Everything we do begins by creating a narrow, actionable goal. This is important because an online presence can easily have a focus that is so broad it becomes meaningless. Yes, the overall objective is growth, but to attain that kind of end-result you need to break it into smaller, achievable, tasks.
Without tracking metrics, goals are empty. If you can’t definitively say when a goal has been reached then you have not completed the requisite requirements before moving ahead. Furthermore, research will give you valuable data which can change your goals. Our processes and goals refine, and shape each other.

"WWF-Singapore's experience working with Team Hyper on Singapore's Earth Hour Campaign 2014 on the social media front was fantastic. They are a highly responsive and knowledgeable social media team who certainly shored up on our social media presence while we ran one of the most massive Earth Hour campaigns over the digital space. Most reassuring to have worked with a tactically smart yet strategically astute communications specialists who were able to engage successfully with the community we had aimed to reach".-Elaine Tan | CEO WWF Singapore

Our Work

Over the years we have had the good fortune of working on a range of solutions for our diverse set of clientèle. We have worked with international brands such as the World Wildlife Fund, Hallmark and National Geographic Channel and have also helped talented individuals and start-ups to build an online presence. One of the first things that happens when a new client comes on board involves our designers and developers completing a really detailed brief. They’ll talk you through colour schemes, typography, images, logos and everything else that goes into design.
We understand that design means a hell of a lot when it comes to online visibility. If you didn't like the design of a website, would you stay on it? Probably not. But the good thing is we know what makes a good design.

I specialise in taking panoramic and time-lapse photography. For those of you who don't know, unless I have a life size canvas my images loose their grandeur. The design team at hyper helped build custom viewing software that ensured my images look great on any screen. Pleasure working with them. -Anurag Jetly | Photographer

Why Hyper?

An online presence can accelerate your company into a higher phase of growth and allow you to achieve your business goals -whether that’s selling online, getting your name recognized globally or locally, growing your market share for years by leveraging multiple brand touch points. For smart business owners who only want to hire the best in web design and web development having an established relationship with your design agency is no longer a luxury – but a very real necessity for any business serious about their online presence. Fill out your contact details below to get a consultation for your next project.


Happy CLients

"Hyper approached us with a simple re-design of our website, and what it lead to was our complete business being taken online by launching our E-Commerce store. Hyper has grown from being our design agency to becoming a partner that now manages our warehousing, logistics, shipping, social media, advertising spends and customer care" - Raghav Moolchandani | CEO Hallmark India

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