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Everything we do begins by creating a narrow, actionable goal. This is important because an online presence can easily have a focus that is so broad it becomes meaningless. Yes, the overall objective is growth, but to attain that kind of end-result you need to break it into smaller, achievable, tasks.
Without tracking metrics, goals are empty. If you can’t definitively say when a goal has been reached then you have not completed the requisite requirements before moving ahead. Furthermore, research will give you valuable data which can change your goals. Our processes and goals refine, and shape each other.

"WWF-Singapore's experience working with Team Hyper on Singapore's Earth Hour Campaign 2014 on the social media front was fantastic. They are a highly responsive and knowledgeable social media team who certainly shored up on our social media presence while we ran one of the most massive Earth Hour campaigns over the digital space. Most reassuring to have worked with a tactically smart yet strategically astute communications specialists who were able to engage successfully with the community we had aimed to reach".-Elaine Tan | CEO WWF Singapore

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